6 Things you should know before hiring a web designer/developer

6 things before hiring web developer
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2021 is a great year for digital business. Since everybody is shifting their game to online business, having a web is important to generate sales. Some of us have knowledge of building a website, but how about who doesn't? They will definitely be looking for web designer/developer to accomplish this. Before you employ/hiring web designer/developer, there are some tips that you can focus on

  1. Type of Website
  2. Website Content
  3. Ideas, Website Features and Functions
  4. Your Business Information
  5. Host Company
  6. Know Your Budget

Type of Website

Your business will determine what kind of your website will be. Make sure you know the type of website that you want to create to brief the freelancer/agency easily.

Website Content

After deciding your website, it is important to have all necessary content for the website. Some of web designer may charge you for content writing. Here's the list that you should be ready before contact your agency/freelancer.

  • Name of Business, Phone Number, Email
  • Logo, Product Image, Descriptions

Ideas, Website Features and Functions

List out all the ideas that you have for your business but don't overlisting. Let the designer/developer know what kind of elements & functions need to implement on your web. Changes during the development may increase the cost & the delivery of website may be late than expected. It's better to explain in details like show a slide of powerpoint to mkae sure designer/developer do not under-deliver. Plus it's a win-win situation for both parties

Your Business Information

It's important to have a complete information of your business. Designer/developer will be more understanding what type of niche that your site will be. Tell them what you need on your website and why you need it. Business information such as:

  • Company vision & mission
  • Products/services that you company providing
  • Explanation of each products/services
  • Flow of business process
  • Contact information

Host Company

Choosing a hosting is important as it can help on load a website faster, more secure, stable connectivity, prevent hacker, heavy traffic & more...

There are many ways you can choose your website host company. But in this article, I will be telling how you will charged for hosting that obviously will be billed monthly/anuualy by designer/developer.

  1. Designer/developer will choose to host for you and charged on the invoiced monthly or annually - basically, a designer/developer will provide web maintenance in the invoice
  2. Choose & buy hosting yourself and provide login credentials to your designer/developer

Know Your Budget

After done all the step above, you can set a range of your own budget for the website. This way, designer/developer can easily provide quotation at best price for your site. Don't expect website will be cheap as you think. There's much more element that need to be considered based on the expereince of designer/developer such as clean design, responsiveness, SEO friendly, good SEO score, fast load site, site security & more.

well said, a great website isn't built in a day same goes as it price
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