Top 6 Malaysia's Famous Marketing Strategy for Business

My Class Marketing
My Class Marketing

Starting your marketing & sales strategy can be very challenged as its sound. Some of the ideas may work when it is in planning, but it may not give an expected result as we think when implemented in real-world marketing. We all know that marketing strategies are important for sales to be increased. But, without proper planning behind it, it won't help your business grow.

1. Multi-Level Marketing

From leader, stockist, agent and dropship. It is the popular marketing plan which is applied to hot-selling products. Some businesses may require you to commit by making consistent sales every month or restocking the minimum amount of quantity per month, or simply paying extra to upgrade the level. Whatever the technique, as long as the product is well known, solves the customer problem and satisfying customer needs, all of them will benefit, ensuring that the multi-level system often works.

In some situations, instead of waiting for a courier for 2 - 3 business days, Malaysians are more likely to have Cash On Delivery (COD) method. The faster they can get the product, the better. Some customers do not bother with the delivery charge as long as it is fair, but free delivery would be demanded by the majority of customers. The on-demand market can currently be resolved by getting an agent in certain locations. Thus, that's the major benefit having an agent on each location.

2. Organic Social Media

It's all online nowadays, people sign up for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & more to get the entertainment with it. Businesses can exploit their goods on any platform to make sales as long as the right audience is there.

A business should use the future of Facebook pages and Instagram business strategically to make them trustworthy, efficient & secure. Now, Facebook & Instagram have a future shop connection that will make it easier for your business to find in the shop section. This will help businesses get an organic customer who is really interested in your products.

Keep updating your business profile on social media at least twice a day to make sure your business still exists plus your follower will be noticed. In the long term run, it will benefit your business by consisting of updating related information about your products/services.

3. Facebook/Instagram Ads

One of the common ways of boosting sales is an advertisement. I do not deny how amazing it is to have the right customer who is really into buying your products at the right time. It might sound simple, but to get the lowest cost per click (CPC), a lot of testing needs to be done. An important component of advertising is that the image/video must have clear information about the product, the headline must capture the attention of the viewer and provide all the product necessary information.

Doing an ads maybe a hustle for starter, but when you get used to it, patient & follow the game, you will understand how does advertising & algorithm work in social media as a place of engagement.

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing emphasizes education overselling to influence buyer behaviour. This strategic marketing approach focuses on creating and distributing information relevant to prospects' needs in order to attract the best aligned with or most likely to purchase your product or service. To connect with your audience, you can use blogs, infographics, videos, web sites, webinars and eBooks. This is the trick to ensuring that, even though you are a brand new product, the customer knows what they are buying.

5. Promote Free Consultation

This idea may sound cliche, but it helps to close clients at a successful 50% rate. W hy? As logic sounds, most prospects are more likely to have a conversation with the seller so they can ask a product-related question or can use the product to solve their problem. An outcome and a good review of the product are still seen by the customer. Most of them are more convenient to purchase because they speak to human rather than automated machine robots. Sounds cool, huh? But still, for whatever reason, people can't get used to it yet. Thus, you can build bonds with customers by providing consultation.

6. Free Gifts

This is the most popular and familiar to many Malaysians, where free gift is a must for every purchase. This kind of attraction always wins Malaysians buyer behaviour.  Some seller may do a contest or buy 1 free 1 or free postage or else. The word 'free' would definitely draw attention. It's a great technique, you can apply it from now on when you haven't tried it yet. People like free stuff, but make sure that freebies are valuable that benefits the customer and related to the products, otherwise the sales will not be increased by this type of marketing.   That's how the word 'free' will attract the attention of buyers.

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