Website vs Facebook vs Instagram. Which one should I use?

My Class Marketing
My Class Marketing

No matter what platform you are using. The main thing that you want to achieve is profit! So how can utilize all these platforms to generate income? Obviously, understand what your business needs and engage with potential customers is the important strategy to make sure these platforms can help business owner reach their prospects

Digital marekting is getting attention by various type of businesses since it can help your business presence through internet. Connecting with people who're online around the world.


The power of a website is you can store & manage your database the way you want. Custom the presentation of your online store with a website. Attract visitor to your online store and offer them any kind of promotion you want. Either you use WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Amazon or another e-commerce platform, you can build and style your online store and market your product online.

1. WooCommerce

If you build a website using WordPress, you must be familiar with WooCommerce the famous plugin to build an e-commerce website. By using woocommerce you can easily sell anything from physical products to digital products and accepting payment from around the world.

Having an e-commerce website, you can open your store 24 hours 7 days a week. No need to worry about customer can't go to your physical address since they can explore a catalogue or purchase through your website.

2. Search Engine Optimization

SEO has been more important to help you get rank 1st page of Google. Spend time and money in SEO can help your website reach a right visitor that can convert them as your customer.

3. Google Ads

Since you have a complete e-commerce website that ready to generate sales. Now you can spend some money in advertising. If you visitor are mostly from Google search than you can use Google Ads platform to setup ads for marketing. There is Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Discovery Ads, Google Shopping and more.


Facebook is one of the biggest social media apps that has over 2.8 billion monthly active users for the fourth quarter of 2020. You can use the Facebook platform by using its feature to help grow your business online

1. Facebook Page

Facebook page can help your business to be more easily founded by people on said platform. People who like your page will get notification about your page update. They will be notified of a new post, new product, new promotion on their phone. Utilize Facebook page features to ease your potential customer to reach your business.

Facebook page has a new extension to build a shopping section called e-commerce where you can add, edit and delete the product and style your shop in e-commerce manager. Explore more your business manager account to use this feature. Besides, you can tag a product on the image of each post on your page. This can help the potential client to know more detail about the product just with a click.

2. Marketplace

Now marketplace can help you sell anything without worries. It's a good idea to to use your personal profile to sell your product. The good thing about marketplace is people who're there is searching for a solution for their problem. All of them is potential client.

3. Facebook Ads

One of the important having a Facebook page for business purpose is you must know how to advertise on Facebook. There is a lot of free and paid class for learning advertising. Start from a simple ads to and advance until you know how to tickle the pixel. It is worth for mastering in Facebook ads so you can reach genuine audience that are really interestred into your product.


1. Instagram Business Profile

The difference between Instagram personal and business profile is you can have the insight to see which time is your profile got more visitor. With this analytics, you can know what time to be posting what kind of picture need to be posted. A picture is key to get the audience attention. Having a good picture can improve engagement for your post.

2. Instagram Shopping

If you have a Facebook page, you can easily apply for Instagram shopping, where it is the same function as Facebook shopping. You can tag a product on your post. Hence, it will improve your product sales through a catalogue.

3. Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads is the same thing that you can applied in your marketing. Spending money in advertising can be profitable as long as you get the right audience to solve their problem. Remember we're selling solution not just a no purpose product.

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