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Local brand especially fashion industries is on the rise in Malaysia. Fashion entrepreneurs show off their skills to create a local culture and trends among teenagers to bring their own unique identity and creativity. These young local startups are producing high-quality apparel which follows international standards. As Malaysians, we should support and be proud of our local brand so they can be known on the international level. Here are the top local brands you can try and feel their quality. #supportlocalbrand

91 Apparels

91 apparels brand

Nineteeone Apparels or famously known as Nineteeone is an uprising Malaysian brand that focuses on sports apparel, athleisure wear, and sports equipment. We strive to bring the best and latest fashion trends to our customers' doorstep.

Focusing on sports and daily wear attires, Ninety One offers various kinds of designs that are exclusive yet minimalist. If you’re a fashion or fitness enthusiast, having one of our gears in your wardrobe is a must.

A Malaysian lifestyle brand that focuses on upbringing the best values in one's fashion style. Offers Jacket, Hoodies, Sweaters, Sweatpants and many more

Website: | FB: 91 Apparels | IG: 91apparels | TikTok: 91apparels

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Susano Apparel

susano apparel brand

Susano Holdings Sdn Bhd started selling kid baseball clothing in 2016. We imported those jerseys from outside of Malaysia to ensure the best quality our customers will get. After a while, they shifted to the adult market to align their company vision which is to be the number one streetwear in Malaysia. Then, they started to grow bigger. Their HQ is based in Bangi Sentral. They have a big community group on Facebook where they communicate with their customer about their next design and what they can improve.

Website: | FB: Susano Apparel | IG: susanoapparel


local lilit brand

Lilit is all about modest fashion solutions for women. Lilit strive to meet the needs of all #lilitwomen with the use of quality fabrics that are breathable to maintain comfort while looking effortlessly chic! There is a variety of clothing with a range of styles that are flexible to mix and match between outfits that allow for endless styling options.

Website: | FB: LILIT WOMEN | IG: lilit_women


arte brand

Arte is known for the unique design of their jersey. They got a very unique design and colour combination that you can choose from. Usually, they only take pre-orders but some items are ready in stock but limited to some size and quantity. From jerseys, they develop the design to lanyards, hoodies and make a Muslimah version. The quality of the fabrics itself is very good worth the price.

Arte is also suitable for family, Batch, Group or Club outfits. Try out Arte today!

Website: | FB: Aer'te Clothing | IG: aerte_co

Pestle & Mortar Clothing

pestle mortar clothing brand

Established in the year 2010, Pestle & Mortar Clothing isn’t just about what you wear, but also a projection of our personal lifestyles, culture and homeland. They are mainly designed around the things we see familiar growing up in Southeast Asia.

Website: | FB: Pestle Mortar Clothing | IG: pestlemortarclothing


asly brand

Asly is a word derived from the Malaysian Word; Asli which means Original; Raw; Authentic; which describes our own style and also a word to encourage people to be themselves in the purest form. Colourful, Vibrant, Dark, Comfy Light are human moods/emotions which are intercepted in Asly signature oversized t-shirt in a minimal and metaphorical sense while not forgetting the quality and comfort of wearing Aslys'.

Asly founded by Yaya Zahir in 2018. Asly is a local fashion brand that produces oversized tops that come in various shades, emblazoned with their logo.

Website: | FB: ASLY | IG: asly.official


idotshirt brand

IdoTshirt is comprised of a team of designers who are constantly exploring new waters and meticulously perfecting the craft. Where art meets fashion.

IdoTshirt creates a platform for everyone to experience the first-ever gameplay experience where customers can undergo fun and unique shopping experience where they can customize the layout of their T-shirt with the privilege of selecting the design and identity that represents their personality.

Website: | FB: IDOTSHIRT | IG:


dribblack brand

Founded in 2013, DRIBBLACK connects art and fashion together

FB: Dribblack | IG: dribblack


zush brand

Zush will bring a new era of sublimation based products and active lifestyle apparel/accessories to the next level

Website: | FB: Zush | IG:

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