Instagram Hacks: Utilise All Features

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Instagram has one billion active users, with more than 500 million of them using it on a daily basis. You can edit and upload pictures and videos to this social media platform via the story, feed, reels, or IG TV. That's not all! You can also include captions, hashtags, a location, and tag people, products or a brand on your post.

Here's the list of what you can use on Instagram as a business owner:

Choose a Right Username

If you're just starting out with your Instagram business page, you'll start with no followers. If you have the right username, people will be able to instantly recognise the products you're selling on Instagram.

First, make sure you choose a name based on your best selling product and combine it with a location where you're covered. As an example if you're selling chocojar and doing delivery in the Ampang area, then a suitable username for your business profile is chocojar.ampang

With this username, people can easily search your product and delivery area easily. Thus, people can order your product directly on your DM.

Don't worry, you can change your profile business username to your own unique brand name. It's just to grow your followers until you reach a certain number that you want.

Personalize Your Profile Picture

To make your business profile more trustworthy, take a picture of yourself with the goods. Instagram recommends it since it offers your prospects greater confidence in purchasing from people they know.

Profile Biodata

Profile biodata appears under your business name. so use this opportunity to offer everything your business can give.

But Instagram bio has a limit of up to 1000 words, make sure your bio sentence is simple and easy to understand.

Pick a Theme

Basically, the Instagram layout is 3 columns. Thus with this 3 column photos, you can decorate your Instagram profile page with a stunning design. Instagram Theme Ideas

Story and Story Highlight

Instagram story is a new feature introduced by Instagram that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format: your story.

Read more about the Instagram story.

Meanwhile, Story Highlight is for you to save the moment that you put on your story. You can organize a story highlight something like this: New Launch | Feedback | Postage | Collabs


Stickers, on the other hand, is an extension for your story that allows creators to turn their Stories posts into threads where other users can respond with their own content that matches a particular prompt.

Read more about how to use Instagram stickers.

Now Instagram stickers are more widely used in stories. For example: support small business stickers, Put your photos sticker, support local brand sticker, and more.


Reels are short videos combined with songs and filters. Unlike the Instagram story, it will only last for 24 hours only, while reels stay forever in your reels feed.


If you have a long video format, IG TV is a perfect place for you to post those videos. Videos like how to use our product, unpacking product packaging, customers feedback and more, are some ideas for you to make. Maybe your ads videos can be put on the IG TV.


Guide features are something similar to blog posts, it's like an article for your followers to read. Many businesses don't know its existence because it's not popular.

Guide let you write content combined with pictures, you can choose any photos from your feed or saved photos from other profile as long as it is public

Maybe you can start playing guide features by writing quality content for your customers or followers. For example: How to apply our product, Satisfied customers, Influencer that uses our products, Our Collaborators


Analytics by Instagram is a feature for you to analyze who is your customers, whether they're male or female, from which country and region, their age, and actively hour followers visit your profile.

By getting this info you can determine what content to produce that is relevant to your followers. If your followers are a more female audience, then a video that is more feminine will be suitable for them.

These are to make sure your audience will stay loyal to your brand as you provide content that matches their interest.

Product Tag

Product tags are only visible if you enable Instagram shop. To get this feature you need to enable it on Business Manager and connect your Instagram Profile with it.

Each time you upload something on your post or story, you can tag a product that is related to the photo. It gives your audience a quick way to buy a product without the need to go to your profile business.

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