Top 5 Best Sneaker Brands Malaysia

My Class Marketing
My Class Marketing

With the growth of creative local designers, the Malaysian fashion industry has been growing and improving for several years. Aside from clothing, an increasing number of designers are venturing into the field of footwear.

There are so many reasons to support a local brand aka Malaysian Brands. When we buy from local brands, we contribute to their revenue.

  • Support local influencers, manufacture, producers and suppliers that work for the brand.
  • Support local arists, entrepreneurs, and talents that work with the brand.
  • Encourage more local jobs to be created.

Here's some of the list of our local sneakers:


Makerz is the local sneaker brand in Malaysia owned by @bosswan. This brand is famously trending on TikTok.

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Sneaker on Street

Sneaker On Street Is Malaysia Based Company Founded In 2015. We Aim To Develop Best Sneakers For Malaysian. Provide You With An Excellent Shopping Experience As Our Client's Satisfaction Matters A Lot. We Have The Perfect Combination Of Clothing And Accessories That Are Tailored To Meet Your Needs Through Our Standard Shopping Practice.



Zeve Shoes are colourful leather shoes that are handcrafted in Malaysia by brilliant artisan shoemakers. They are made only from premium materials and the finest calf leather. Zeve Shoes are redefining the age-old boring black dress shoe.


VOLTRA, the facade that heightens your energy and boosts your performance. A brand that embarks great achievements, telling you that nothing is impossible, yet everything is very much possible.

VOLTRA intends to create meaningful stories, ideas and hopes. Empowering no one but yourself to unlock your targets. Braving those heavy steps and marching straight to your dreams. Taking you closer to a brighter future. VOLTRA | MIND MATTERS

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