8 Lessons I've Learned From My 11 Years Business Journey

My Class Marketing
My Class Marketing

2011 - Now. Here's to many more years of business life! ??

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Shared by one of Tiktokers named Fakhitah Iqbal. She has been doing business almost 11+ years. Here's some of her advice for new business owners out there who want to be involved in business world.

Always Trust Yourself Only

Trusting yourself is one of the most empowering decisions you can make in business because when you trust yourself, others will trust you.

Trusting yourself also help you develop confidence, gain others' trust, and make the decision-making process much easier.

Take Care Of Your Health

When it comes to running a business, staying healthy is important. Not only do you need to feel well in order to manage your business, but others rely on you as well. Take the precautions listed here: Seven Ways Business Owners Can Be Healthier to ensure that your health is in the best possible shape.

Forgive Yourself For The Failures

Failure is a possibility with every risk. However, sometimes what appears to be a failure is actually an achievement.

Failing is the only way to grow and improve your business. Before you find the proper solution, you must explore. For my startup, I've spent a lot of money experimenting with various development approaches. When things didn't work out, the money will be gone, and I was left with nothing. Most people would call this a failure, but I saw it as an opportunity to learn.

Trust Your Guts

How to know when to trust your gut? It’s not an exact science. However, there are times and places when relying on your intuition can guide you to places that are bigger and better than if you’d relied on data alone — and your instincts may even help you achieve a significant breakthrough.

Read More: How to Trust Your Gut to Make the Right Business Decision

Respect Your Team

Leaders don’t automatically gain respect from their employees; they need to earn respect by demonstrating that they value employees and prioritize their growth. Managers can gain respect through enhancing communication with staff and explaining important actions. Gaining employee respect is important for management since it boosts workplace morale and can increase worker incentive to be productive.

Keep Track Your Financial

Financial data management includes important information for a company's income stream, bill payment status, and cash flow forecasting. A business that does not track its financial data faces operating in the blind about its cash flow and ability to pay debts.

Never Stop Learning

What you understood about the industry yesterday may no always be relevant today, as many external factors influence many parts of your business on a regular basis. One of the ways you may learn is to adapt to these changes. Knowing the newest trends can help your business remain ahead of the competition by allowing you to provide new products and services to customers before they know they need them. Subscribe to podcasts, blogs, and YouTube channels relating to your industry. Attend conferences and workshops to meet like-minded individuals who have a deep understanding of your industry.

Hard Work Always Wins

Whoever takes action will be rewarded. In terms of running your business, it's never too late. You only need to apply that knowledge into practice to discover how effective it is. Experimentation to learn something new about your business. Hard Work Always Wins

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