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Buying a domain name is an important step toward building a successful website. Find out what you should know before buying one!

A web host is where your website files live on the internet. It's also where visitors go when they visit your site. Learn everything you need to know about web hosts!

In this chapter, we will guide you guys on how to buy your own domain name and hosting account. Thus, you can give access to your web developer to start developing a website for you.

Choose Hosting Plan

There are two main categories of web hosting plans: shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is the cheapest option, but it comes with some limitations. Dedicated hosting offers more flexibility, but it costs more than shared hosting.

In this article, we show you how to buy shared hosting.

Step 1: Go to NetKL website.

Step 2: Navigate to Hosting > Shared Hosting > For Beginners

netkl hosting plan

Step 3: Choose Platinum Plan. Click Order Now

netkl hosting pricing plan

Register Domain Name

After choosing the right plan then you need to register your domain name. If you're looking for a domain name, check availability first before buying. You'll want to make sure that the domain name you choose will work well with your business name and brand. Also, consider whether you want to use a .com, .net, .my, etc domain name.

Step 4: Check Domain name availability

netkl check domain availability

Step 5: If available then proceed to next step.

netkl check domain available
netkl checkout

Register Account

Fill in your details as an owner of your domain.

Step 6: Fill-in details.

netkl account registration

Make Payment

You can pay with your credit card.

netkl payment

Activate cPanel Account

Upon successful payment, you will receive an email regarding claiming domain ownership and activating the cPanel account. After done with the activation process, you can pass the cPanel login details to your developer to start building a website for you.

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