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Background: is a website owned by Eco Next Technologies Sdn. Bhd. This business and website provide internet services from Allo City Broadband. Fast Internet High-Speed Fibre Optic in Malaysia. Currently, Allo coverage is only available in Cyberjaya, Melaka, Johor, Kedah, and Perak.


After building a website they try to do a social media campaign through Facebook Ads now called Meta Ads. The number of leads received is not convincing enough to justify the budget they spend on ads. Plus, the client also has a limited place to do online ads since its only cover Cyberjaya, Melaka, Johor, Kedah, and Perak. The client come to us to split the budget that they had on a marketing campaign to be spent on Google Ads.


We at take this challenge to help our client optimize their budget for online advertising. As the coverage of Allo Fibre Optic is limited to some places, we ask our clients to provide info about the area where they provide their internet services. This is to make sure our client can save their money from unwanted leads coming from their Google Search Ads Campaign. We also do some keyword research to match our headline and copywriting. We propose to our client use Google Search Ads as it's the best option that fits with our client's marketing budget.

How We Do It:

We use phrases and broad keywords for Google Ads Campaign. The reason we're not using the exact keyword is that Allo City Broadband did not have a large user search on google based on our research. Using a broad keyword helps us to identify which negative keywords need to be excluded from our Google Search Ads setup.

After our client provides their exact location info in which the area that their services covered. We use pin mode on Google Ads Maps from a radius 1km to 2km to be pinned on our campaign setup for only showing the ads only on the covered area.