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Sales Advisor Najmiyah is a Perodua car salesperson at Perodua Branch Putrajaya, Precinct 15. For many years using the Facebook Ads platform, Ms. Najmiyah wants to try the Google Ads platform to get more 'genuine' customers to buy Perodua cars.


Other competitors of Perodua car sales advisor have also started advertising on the Google platform, and the current ad position is decreasing causing a reduction in the number of 'leads' entering WhatsApp every day. Due to the high competition in Google searches for certain 'keywords', the cost of our client's account becomes more expensive, thus providing a low return on investment (ROI) on the Google Ads platform.

Solutions immediately analyzes the campaign for the purpose of using existing data to build a more effective 'Google Search' campaign targeting a specific demographic. divides the advertisement into special 'Ad Groups' for each Perodua car, namely Perodua Ativa, Perodua Aruz, Perodua Alza, Perodua Myvi, Perodua Bezza, and Perodua Bezza.

And each 'Ad Group' will have special 'Ads' that match the 'keyword' search set for each target 'audience'.

The changes made will cause the 'engagement' of advertisements to increase while at the same time, it will lower the 'cost-per-click' which is the CPC for customer advertisements.